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Am I the only one who feel this way

So am I the only one who feel this way? I feel like a useless person ever in this world. Somehow I think that maybe I was born without any skills, talents, speciality or whatever you name it. It sadden me whenever I look at everyone else around me who clearly has its own talents and you know...some of them are active in sports (I don't do sport because whenever I did, I feel like dying you know) But I play basketball whenever I had a chance. But I can only be wakil for small competition and to go to higher level like wakil negeri and above that, say goodbye lah! Sometimes I think I'm just like a bad luck to everyone. You know sometimes I tried so hard to go deeper with myself. "what do you do, Amal. What skill you have?" 

I can say none. I don't know to draw (my drawing is suck, I hate anything yang kena lukis lukis even during my kemahiran hidup subjek tu pun I was like a dying shit to draw pandangan sisi, atas, la depan la.) I hate it. I can't imagine anyt…

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