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Do we need reasons to love someone?

Fuck it. I messed everything up. But whatever it is, I have a topic for us to think of.

Do we need reasons to love someone? I just made a poll on my twitter, and for now, the 'no' answer got the highest vote. Do you guys think you're thinking the correct thing? How can you like someone without reasons? And some says, when you need reason to love someone, then it's not love.

Let me clear these things for you.

Love is unexplainable, sometimes you just meet that person and you feel like he's the one. Love is magic. It touches two souls, and it just happened. That's the reason why many of us think that we don't need any reasons to love someone. But, how can you explain when someone asks you, why you love that girl? Because of looks? Wealth? Because she's clever? And that is when you started to ask yourself, why I love her?

From that moment you try to remember everything she ever done to you, every moments you've been through together. And only that rea…

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