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It was my choice

Seriously I've been crying for 2 nights. I know it may sounds dumb to you but I'm really disappointed with myself right now. I look like a shit you knowww, with this swollen eyes, I can't barely open my eyes the moment I woke up. I'm a bad girl, I see no good in myself. I never wanted to tell others or screaming in the social media and tell the whole world what I'm feeling right now, what I've been through, what I've done, but I just can't keep everything to myself.

I just can't hold back my tears every time I think about you, every time I think about how ignorant I was with you, how dumb I was for leaving you alone without solid reasons. If only I could turn back time..........I want to be with you again. and everything doesn't make sense right now because I just keep thinking, if only, if only.

We are never getting back together, like the old times.

Awh god I really hate myself right now. I don't want to forget you because you were everyt…

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