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I'm flawed.

I really like June. I mean it.

Because out of 12 months, June is like pertengahan, memang pertengahan pun kan?! And this is the only month where I get 30% discount at The Face Shop! Haha in case if you guys don't know, TFS will give you 30% discount on your birthday month. Siapa je tak nak lol but above all, yes yes, it's my birthday!

So on this 1st June, it was the starting of everything, more likely between me and Nadi. Yes Nadi, I'm writing about you hehe.

Before I start writing, deep inside, I'm really really sorry. I knew this happened because of me. Maybe we had a little bit of misunderstanding that make us feel this way, a very long silence between us. I'm sorry. I couldn't recall when was the last time I talked to you but I know it's been a long time. Like months. I can see you live your life well and I'm happy for you. But maybe this long silence make us feel so far away from each other, and awkward :/ I'm sorry, Nadi. Thank you for the bir…

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