Saturday, 14 May 2016

berangan jap

It's always been my dream to watch the sky full of stars with you. I hope we can find a quiet place, away from people and we just sit on the grass without saying anything.

I want you to know in that quietness, I praise you in my heart, I tell God how grateful I am to have you in my life. I thank you in silence because you pick up the broken pieces, make it into a new heart. I can't even describe my feeling towards you but I know this is the one I've been longing for. I want to enjoy every little moments with you, I appreciate you for accepting me no matter how bad I am, how ugly I am and how broken I've felt before. I may not tell you what I feel, but in silence, I tell God, how precious you are, how beautiful you are and how amazing is His plan for me. If someone hurts you, I will be the one who will cure your broken heart, I don't want to fight back with the ones who makes you feel hurt, but I will make you feel better - in many ways. I will write you something good and when you read my writings, you will smile back with new hopes.

(This is what I want to say to you, I won't say it anymore, read my blog la hehe :p)

The moment when I say,
"the stars are so beautiful, don't you think so?,"

You look at me and say, 'you more,'
we smile to each other and look back at the sky - admiring His beauty.

(woi jiwang gak aku ni ek, geli pulak rasa)

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