Time flies

Hello, so I've been thinking on changing the way I write. Maybe to a little bit mature? Because I'm going 20 next year!!! And I'm officially 19 on this 1st June hehe what a bless, my birthday falls on fasting month.

So thinking of what will I do on this very long period before entering uni, which I don't know what is written for me, what is the best for me, I don't know. What course I'll be taking also, I honestly have no idea :( So if some of you ask me what course I want to devote my life, I don't know. I have no solid plan for my future. What I've been thinking now is of course I want a good job, a good salary (hehe), a good life, a home, a car, a good spouse ( I hope it's you hehe) and a good ending.

Everyone wants the same thing like me right. Everyone wants the best of the best for their lives.

So I think I will start blogging! Yay or nay?


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