Sunday, 13 August 2017

#2 Japan

I KNOW!!!!!!!! I'm late hahaha but let's go to the next place. Jap eh, trying to remember where did we go after the next day we arrived Japan........ Oh yea, I think we went to Masjid Tokyo Camii. So the pictures below were some of the scenes I captured on our way to the train station. I swear, the sky was really blue, like SUBHANALLAH CANTIK GILAAAAAA *crying inside* *I don't want to leave Japan!*

 A little bit information about Tokyo Camii.

Located in the Oyama-cho district in Shibuya ward in Tokyo, Japan.
It is the largest mosque in Japan.
It was run by Turkish people.
Anything else you can just click here. :)

The moment when I stepped inside the mosque, I swear the mosque look alike like Hagia Sophia! Cantik sangat. Amazed gila. Tak besar sangat pun masjid ni, banyak stairs and curam so kena hati-hati la eh jatuh hati dekat saya takpe la lagi hehe. By the way, we went there on Friday so we had a chance to hear khutbah in Japenese and Turkish. I think...only 2 languages were used back then. I didn't understand a thing, so I was distracted with my phone. I hope Allah accepted my Friday prayer that time :(((((

This one is like a hall for gathering. 
A lot of people came here, regardless what religion they are.
(It was beautiful, and peaceful)

On the way home, kitaorang singgah dekat universiti Nunun sekejap. It was tiring, sebab banyak kena jalan! But I enjoyed the view, I mean wei kamonla datang negara orang kot!! Kena appreciate every single ticks.

wali ana

And yeah, this was taken on that night x)